Six back, relax and let out experienced team make your opening a breeze. Our team of experts will conduct the opening service for you in order to kick off the summer on the right foot and let the sun shine. 

  • Clean, remove, and store winter cover
  • Reconnect Heater if needed
  • Remove Winterizing Caps
  • Removal of Water Bags if needed
  • Cleaning, roll up, and store of water bags if needed 
  • Reinstall ladders, steps
  • Reconnect, start up and check the filtration system
  • Place Solar Blanket and Roller
  • Reinstall lights
  • System started if water level is deemed high enough
  • Opening Chemicals 
  • Scoop debris, brush down, and vacuum
  • O -Ring lubrication

We recommend customers bring their own water sample into the store for analysis and proper accuracy. 

Above Ground Openings: $250.00 + HST

Inground Openings: $350.00 + HST

 Other Notes:

Any problems found at the opening  (beyond a quick fix) will require a separate service call, which will be booked as soon as possible. This includes leaks, autocovers and anything else not directly included in the opening list or of which the techs do not have the supplies on board.

Additional charges may be incurred with pools containing the following:

  • Excessive amount of leaves and debris
  • Nets
  • Second Cover
  • Swim Jets
  • Rubber Cover
  • Water features
  • Additional filtration systems

Return visits for leaks are not included with the opening services and are billed at an additional service charge rate. Any services not listed in the above opening lists are also billed at an additional service charge rate and may not be able to be performed at the time of the pool opening.

Please note, service calls require a pre-authorized payment (such as a credit card number, or pre-payment with cash or debit in store) before a technician is dispatched to your home. 

What is included in opening service:

​Swimming Pool Opening

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