In-Store Water Test 

Please note, water tests at Devyn's Pool and Hot Tub Company are $10.00+ HST/test. They are free with a purchase of $50.00 or more in chemicals.

What YOU need to do beforehand: 

  • Please come prepared with how many litres your pool or hot tub holds. This information is typically within the manual of a hot tub, for a pool it can be easily calculated depending on the size. 
  • Ensure NO chemical has been added for at least 24 hours prior to bringing in a water test. 
  • Ensure that the water test is fresh (it cannot sit for more than three hours)
  • Ensure the water sample is in a clean bottle, do NOT use a juice or chemical container for your water sample as it can skew the results of the test. 
  • ​Bring in a list of chemicals that you already have at home (photos work as well) with an approximate amount. 

9 Symonds Road, Bedford, NS, B4B 1J5


Sometimes, it is hard to get into the right direction by yourself. Let our pool-care professionals aid in the transition by bringing in a water test! 

What you will learn: 

  • We will provide you with a detailed explanation of the chemicals required for your pool's/hot tubs water. 
  • A detailed explanation as to why we are using these chemicals
  • How much of each chemical should be added to the water as detailed by the water results. 
  • How to add each chemical to the pool water (whether or not it needs to be mixed with water beforehand). 
  • How often you should be testing your water. 

We will welcome any questions that you have before or during the water-test. 

In-Store Water Test 

Are you new to pool and hot tub ownership? Just looking to make sure the water is safe? or cannot get the water to clear?